Bible Study

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We have suspended all in-person, church-sponsored activities until further notice.

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Palm Sunday – Your King Is Coming

Worship Leader: Victor Kraakmo

Offertory: Choir “Ride On, Ride On In Majesty”

Speaker: Tim Johnson “Your King Is Coming”

Sermon Text: John 12:12-33

04-05-2020 Sermon Notes PDF

Never Die!

Worship Leader: Gary Stueckle

Offertory: Choir “When Jesus Wept”

Speaker: Tim Johnson “Never Die!”

Sermon Text: John 11:1-45

03-29-2020 Sermon Notes PDF

Now I See

Worship Leader: John Hendrix

Offertory: Choir “Lord, I was Blind”

Speaker: Tim Johnson “Now I See”

Sermon Text: John 9:1-17;24-41

03-22-2020 Sermon Notes PDF